Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zip It

Let's get really specific today. You all know I love details and today is no different. Today we're going to add some interest to a tee. Yep. And nothing crazy. A zipper. I give you the zipper tee.

This was the item that inspired this post. Simple and chic. Scoop neck, high low hem, great color and a simple zipper.

I'm not sure why this model looks so surprised to be here but the tee looks great on her. Super relaxed.

Ralph Lauren, Zippered Striped Crewneck, $10
You truly cannot beat the price of this tee for the quality that you'll be getting. It's going to last a while. Notice the simple zipper on the shoulder.

Again with the surprised models. I guess zippers scare the crap out of ladies. In any case, this is an adorable tee ready for a leather skirt.

Zippers are unexpected when they're not holding an item together. Use them for extra interest without necessarily having to wear a pattern. 

Be fabulous today!

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