Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's So Fluffy!

Let's talk texture. Sweater texture and material is critical for maximum comfiness but it also offers a third dimension to your outfit. Texture can create pattern or additional 'touch ability' to your top. You know what I mean. Similar to my all time favorite gif.

Asos, Bellfield Fluffy Sweater, $56 $39
This sweater reminds me of a light dusting of snow and it looks so cozy.

A blend of alpaca and merino means Lou and Grey is taking really good card of your comfort.

JCrew, Mohair Fuzzy Stripe Sweater, $98 $80
A preppy stripe option with a great ribbed neckline.

Anthropologie, Irina Pullover, $98
Oh this fine gauge sweater is so luxe. I also love the chiffon detailing, so unexpected.

So if you're looking for cozy, you don't always need to look for cashmere. Try mohair, alpaca, and a fine gauge knit.

Be fabulous today!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Speak Up

Let's get graphic. Not Nat Geo graphic, I'm talking graphic tees. It's not quite tshirt weather (far from it) but today, let's look at some long sleeve text tees that are casual.

Simple and yet so cool. I'd pair it with a denim jacket or even a black blazer.

A cheeky mix of floral and gold with a feminine scoop neck and baseball style sleeves.

Bloomingdale's, Junk Food Tee Party for No Reason, $40
I firmly agree with the sentiment of this shirt and I love the rounded hem that compliments the scoop neck.

Aside from the washed blue hue, I love the font of the text on this tee. It's big and bold.

A great text/graphic tee is such fun way to add some quirk your outfit. Leave the accessories at home because the shirt is going to do the talking.

Be fabulous today!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wrapped in Warmth

It's real cold out there. I feel like winter just waltzed in here fashionably late and set up shop when we were doing just fine in our layers and hats. What can you do? I'll tell you what, wrap up. The wrap coat is chic and breezy and you can add you layers underneath, because if you're not sporting some long underwear right now, well, I feel sorry for you.

Last Call Neiman Marcus, Raison D'etre Cape Sleeve Wrap Trench Coat, $74
Starting with this beauty. The beautiful cape sleeves, the arched hem, everything about this coat is going to work for you.

Calvin Klein, Belted Wool Blend Wrap Coat, $99
This coat was originally $400. That's right. Go, buy, now.

How about a chic winter white option? I love the pop of the black belt it will your figure great definition.

Forever 21, Belted Wrap Coat, $37
This coat is a lightweight option but great for layering a chunk turtleneck underneath. It also makes for a great spring transition coat.

The wrap coat is very casual but effortless in a Olivia Pope sort of way. I love the large cape details or kimono sleeves, it offers some personality to outerwear.

Be fabulous today!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

So Not the 90s

Hi lovebugs,
Happy Monday to you! Are you buried in snow? DC is trying to decide what it wants to do between slush and snow. I'm hoping for a snow day but in the meantime let's talk jewelry. There is a really interesting trend in necklaces right now that is edgy but depending on how you wear it can still be feminine: the choker. This 90s grunge accessory has been updated from what you knew. It's sleek and sexy, let's take a look.

BaubleBar, Gemini Pearl Choker, $36
How about this? Asymmetrical pearls would look great with a suit or have some fun with a silky blouse. There is also a similar option in silver.

Quite a modern a cool look that would be fun with buffalo plaid.

This is very Cleopatra and I love it. 

Forever 21, Rhinestone Choker, $10
Just simple. Nothing wild, nothing screaming 'look at me', just a beautiful line of sparkle.

Thoughts? Chokers are certainly not what they used to be. Quite an upgrade if you ask me.

Be fabulous today!

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