Thursday, July 15, 2010

The No Pressure Post

This is the inaugural post of The Capitol Hill Barbie. This is the OMG who is this girl and who does she think she is post? Well I'll tell you. No, I don't work on Capitol Hill but I am involved in politics on a professional level and while I don't have to suffer through the metro escalator lines at Capitol South during tourist season, I still like to think I am pretty aware of Hill life.

This blog isn't going to just be about the Hill because there are plenty of great blogs about that: my absolute favorite being the Capitol Hill Style Blog and also the original Capitol Barbie neither of which I am trying to replace because they are FAR superior in witty writing and fabulous ideas. I'm hoping this blog will take more of the preppy-girl-in-the-kinda-big-city style. I plan to write about food, local bars, fashion, tourism, style, etc on a budget. That is key. About a month ago I was living on a VERY entry-level salary but it seems I have paid my dues to move up the ranks just a little bit. So I know how to stretch a dollar but I also know when I can splurge my hard earned dough on a pair of Cole Haan heels on sale or a J Crew cardigan also on sale (seeing a pattern? Don't pay full price ladies, you never have to).

A little about me. I live in downtown DC in a studio apartment. Yes my bed is in my kitchen which is in my closet, but hey, I don't have a roommate and if I want to sit at home and watch Say Yes to the Dress in my sweats I can. I work in public relations- more specifically media relations. I come from a broadcast media background and I think that's because I love knowing things before other people and then telling them about it. I want a dog more than life itself, preferably an English bulldog but due to the BFs allergies it's looking more like a coton de tulear .

What else. Questions? Suggestions? Enjoy!

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