Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Most Wonderful Announcement of the Year

Restaurant Week.
Oh my favorite. Four star restaurants and your usual Friday night dinner spots open their doors for a week in DC for 3 salivating courses of your choice, either lunch or dinner. Lunch is $20.10 and dinner is $35.10. Get your piggy banks out and start saving that change because a 3 course meal at a steakhouse in DC is definitely worth $35!!!

The one drawback of this holiday week is that some restaurants don't post their modified RW menu online. Not cool. Because the menus are slimmed down for RW you usually get a choice of three options per course, which is fine- but if I'm gettin' slim pickins I want to know what they are before I make a reservation and find out I get a choice of fish, tofu or cold soup (none of which I'm ok with).

So let's do a review of some of the places I think will have the best food and value for the money.

1789- Georgetown elegance meets all American gourmet.

- Italian meets cool and trendy downtown.

Farmers and Fishers- Founding Farmers is one of my favorite easy and cool meals in DC; I can only imagine it with the sun setting on the Georgetown waterfront and a handmade unique cocktail in my hand that their new spot Farmers and Fisherman will be just as great.

Melting Pot- Ok don't judge me, I know it's a chain but Melting Pot is pretty spendy without a guaranteed $35 price tag. And, come on, who doesn't want that last course of molten chocolatey goodness to dip all of this in?

Ris- This little known eatery popped up last year in Foggy Bottom, and the best part is it does NOT take GWorld. And any place that refers to it's eating area as a "living room" is ok with me.

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