Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Raining Fashion!

This past Sunday there was a freak, but insane rainstorm that plowed through DC. I dedicate today's post to those who were entirely unprepared for that little treat. And for the future, let's talk about some stylish and appropriate rain gear.

First and most importantly, a good umbrella. This one is by far my favorite brand even though they could use an update on their patterns: Bright Nite Lighted Umbrellas. I love them because they're lightweight, and as their name suggests they have a tiny light bulb in the top that makes me feel a little bit safer walking around DC on the dark and stormy nights. The umbrella also is windproof so you won't have any of those embarrassing inside-out incidents that destroy your hair for the day and make you look like an idiot.

Bright Night, Ripple Effect, $38

Next the raincoat. Two options: colorful and bold (old school) or a classic trench. Let's start with the fun one!

Gap, Hooded Rain-coat, $34

If you're going to do a trench, fit is very important. You've gotta get the right length or else you'll look like you're playing dress up with your mom's rain gear. I like the classic khaki trench, it's versatile from work to play and you can dress it up with a silk scarf while still rocking the Carmen San Diego look. And if you're going with the classic look please just bite the bullet and INVEST! It will be worth it because this style isn't going anywhere!

Banana Republic, Classic Trench, $198

Finally the footwear. I think this is the place to have the most fun considering what a comeback rain boots have made lately. In my opinion, go wild! Please, take them off once you get to work but otherwise, the sky is the limit. Here are some of my favorites:

Tamara Henriques, Women's Rubber Shoe, $80

Zappos, Sperry Top Sider, $50

Target, Zulima Bias Plaid, $24
And don't forget when it gets colder, Target also sells rain boot fleece liners for $10.

Stay dry!

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