Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Your Toes

A little known fact about me: as a child I bound my feet in order to have adorable, feminine, and small tootsies. So I used to buy my school sneakers a size too small so that my toes would curl underneath my feet when I walked. Now I can fit into anything from a size 5.5 to a 7.5 shoe. Totally worth it.

(moment to judge me)

Ok, so I have figured out now that my feet have stopped growing I can stop cramming them into small ballet flats and heels which have left my heels totally bloodied and beaten. Luckily summer is the perfect time to let your feet out in a fashionable yet professional manner. Depending on how casual your office is, you can get away with some great sandals. But ladies, please, no thong sandals- no one wants to hear you flip flopping down the hallway. No one.

Setchelles 'Get Outta Town' Sandal, Nordstroms, $79

Lands End Canvas Leather and Canvas Heel, Lands End Canvas, $67

Kate Spade "bow", Kate Spade, $198 (ok I had to put on in to covet)

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