Friday, July 16, 2010

Brunch in the District

Washington, DC between 11am-3pm on a weekend; there are not a lot of options for food. But if you seek out the truly awesome brunches in this city, you will never need to wonder what to eat on a weekend afternoon again.
I come from the suburbs where IHOP, Denny's, and my mom's kick ass french toast ruled the weekends.
Now when I wake up at 10 or 11 or ok maybe 1pm I'm starving and I don't want cereal. So here's what I've found to satisfy my brunch needs.

The Heights- This neighborhood eatery is owned by EatWellDC which also owns Commissary, Logan Tavern, and Grill Fish. I like The Heights because it's well-price food, great staff and AMAZING bloody mary's and mimosas. Does your diner put crab meat and wasabi in your bloody mary? I didn't think so.

Disco Brunch at Level One-because who doesn't want a little gay with their food? Level one is more commonly known as the restaurant underneath the bumpin' gay club that is Cobalt. Located at 17th & R it is the best bottomless mimosa brunch you could ever want. If it's nice out, good luck getting a table outside- but if you do, enjoy the people watching on the most fabulous street in town and relish the never ending champagne. I seriously had to put my hand on top of my glass to make them stop refilling it. The servers are either adorable skinny gay men who love you even more if you bring a small dog, or my favorite, Carrie. Carrie will take care of you, your stomach, and your liver- in all of the best ways possible. Prices are very reasonable and it goes until 4pm every Saturday and Sunday. Oh and the disco? Diana Ross' greatest hits or KC and the Sunshine band will be blasting through the speakers while you attempt to decide between the Studio 54 eggs or the Ahhhhh, Freak out! French Toast.

Before we move on to our last spot, I think I need to give a bit of full disclosure: the following may not be a classic brunch menu item, however if there is one thing you should know about me it's the following:There I said it. My weakness is grilled cheese. Nachos come in close second but if you want to know anything about me it is that I live for grilled cheese. Think about it: what could be better than butter, bread, and cheese. I don't need any of that lettuce and tomato business, that just takes up space. Give me the greasy goodness of a grilled cheese any day.

But I digress. Our last spot for brunch AND lunch is Stoney's. Stoney's is a hole in the wall bar and restaurant on P St where the locals enjoys great beer on tap, a neighborhood atmosphere and good food. Stoney's has a delicious brunch. The BF's favorite is the corn beef and hash, whereas I tend to enjoy either the Western omelet or as you may have guessed, the grilled cheese. Stoney's grilled cheese is legendary. They use bread that has to be baked by gods because it's softer than texas toast but just as thick and crispy. They use good ol' American cheese because if you want provolone or some other fancy crap you might as well get out.

So there you have it. Three great options for the mid-afternoon eat.

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