Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Humid Hair

As we discussed yesterday, the weather in DC lately is bordering on a regular afternoon search for apartments in North Dakota, Oregon, and Montana on Craigslist. It is humid and disgusting outside. But we're dealing with it, because that's what Washingtonians do best, just deal. Yesterday we talked about appropriate office wear in the DC desert and today we're going to look at some hair options.

Humidity tends to destroy any attempt at a straight-iron, hair dryer, or curling iron; so I like to do the best I can and accessorize. If you can't beat the heat then at least try to distract people from looking at your frizzy mess with some great hair extras.

While some of you may have longer hair, the ponytail is a go-to look but why not dress it up a little bit for the office and do some volume like Jessica:

Now for the shorter-haired ladies of DC (myself included) hair accessories will become your best friend. My personal favorite is the headband, and this summer it's all about the floral. Here are some great additions to any outfit that will keep your hair in place and looking fabulous:

Natasha Accessories Satin-Flower Headband, Dillard's $8.40

Mixed Flower Headband, The Limited, $16.50

Penelope Zipper Flower Headband, Etsy, $12

Those are some of my affordable headband suggestions but don't forget about jeweled bobby pins like this vintage looking one:

Luxe- Blush Pink Jewel Bobby Pin, Etsy, $6

Or a great addition to an updo like a bun for work:

Hairpins, pearls and crystal jeweled buttons, Etsy, $35

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