Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Ensemble

Next week I am going on vacation to New Hampshire. Now this is a family vacation so it will be tame, full of early bedtimes, and lots of reading. This would make for a very boring blog post. So, today's post is about fun ensembles and pieces for a wild and sunny beach vacation with your friends or significant other. No offense mom.

The suit. The dreaded two piece that we prepare for, diet for, and have nightmares about. My approach to the bikini is one word: distraction. For example, I am well endowed up top so I like to accentuate the girls as much as possible in order to distract from the lower half which is, shall we say, a Pillsbury crescent roll before it goes in the oven?

J Crew Breezy Dot Bikini, Bottom $19, Top $29

I also like to have my hair out of my face when burning to a crisp on the sand - so this headband I love because it goes all the way around the head; meaning no headaches!

Modcloth, Impeccable Ivory Headband, $9.99

I don't believe in heels at the beach, but I also don't like to see those shredded to pieces $4.99 Old Navy rubber thong flip flops so let's try to find a happy medium.

Zappos, Nine West Rhosolyn, $48

The beach bag is tough because it's gotta be large enough to carry everything you need for a full day out but it also needs to be machine washable or at least wet paper towel-able because we both know your sunscreen will explode, leak, or uncap inside your bag.

Tommy Bahama, Terry Beach Bag, $38

I'm not a huge advocate of spending loads of money on a beach cover-up because I plan to sweat and/or be covered in sand and/or sunscreen in it. A basic and comfortable dress is perfect.

Victoria's Secret, Tie Waist Cover Up Dress, $29

The final piece is a sassy hat. When your hair is soaked, just put on a floppy brimmed beach hat. Feel free to personalize it by wrapping a ribbon around it or even a pin.

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