Friday, July 30, 2010

Nationals Weekend

A note to all of my loyal readers (or just the bf...let's be real) I'll be on vacation next week with my family in New Hampshire, so no posts. Try to make it through the week without me.

But, before I jet off to Lake Winnepasaukee. Let's talk about America's favorite past time. Baseball.

The bf and I will be entertaining some of his relatives who are coming in from out of town for the Phillies v Nats games this weekend. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how freakin' awesome the games are. But since this is a girly blog, let's start with the outfit.

My favorite part of a Nationals game is the President's Race; mostly because I am dedicated member of the "Let Teddy Win" campaign. It's a small grass-roots effort, but I think with the right advertising it could take off. Enter, my Teddy tee:

Roosevelt #26 Jersey, Let Teddy Win, $25

For the hat I like the old-school look:

Lids, Nationals Forty-Seven Brand Hat, $25

OK, moving on to the food. Three words: Ben's Chili Bowl. That's all you need to know. Don't question it, don't even look around. Just head to Ben's. Period. I recommend the half smoke (no mustard) and chili cheese fries served with a fork. Trust me.

For a drink, there really is no way around it- it's going to be expensive. For the boys, a standard Bud or Miller Lite will run you around eight bucks but if you're feeling wild and want to get more bang for your buck, head to the margarita stand and spend $12 for a giant yard glass.

Finally, a few words of wisdom: stay for the fireworks, make fun of Clint the announcer guy, stand for the troops when they salute them, and dance to the at-bat music.
Play Ball and Go Nats!

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