Friday, July 16, 2010

The DC Office Unspoken Rules

Well Sinatra went off fabulously. There was dancing, drinking, and judging, all in all a great night. More importantly I made it to work on time this morning- more than I can say for the BF- but it's these fun weekday nights that seem to magnify office annoyances the next day.

My girlfriend and I were g-chatting about this while we avoided our morning work: office no-nos and why they drive us nuts. So this morning we're going to talk about DC Office Annoyances.

1. The vibrating Blackberry- we get it, everyone has a smartphone these days and I can understand that getting emails on a Blackberry makes it easier for co-workers to get a hold of you while you're at lunch, in a meeting, or in the bathroom. However, vibrating for every email? Make it stop. Please. We all get emails, we all see the red flashing light on our phones and know that's what it means. Why can't you join us?

2. Really personal conversations. I believe that a company is a community of employees and that co-workers are almost like a second family. That said—not everyone wants to know about the wart on Marty’s foot or how Carol’s daughter is involved with a married man. We shouldn’t have to abandon our personal lives at the office, but we don’t need to put it all out there either.

3. You shake hands like a fish and avoid eye contact- Especially working in DC, you never know who you will be shaking hands with at any given time. You may run into someone on the street, at a bar, or in a meeting. Please, please, please, shake firmly, shake like you want a job that will allow you to afford a Chanel suit and a Kate Spade briefcase purse . Look them in the eye with a handshake that says yeah I'm working this outfit and I know I can kick ass in any situation.

4. The fumpy girl- Don't be that girl. We all know that sometimes professional wardrobes can be dull but there are some really great pieces out there right now that are on sale and gorgeous. And no Bebe is not appropriate office wear so just save it for McFadden's.

5. The gum popper- Yes it is better than the coffee breath but we don't need to hear you smacking, popping, and chewing. You sound like a cow, you're distracting, and everyone around you is losing respect for you. Altoids please.

So those are my top 5. And on a morning where a lot of DC is a bit hungover, please just help us get through this Friday as smoothly as possible.

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