Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pretty Pleats?

Ok ladies,
Let's talk pleats. Don't be afraid. Let's get honest. Pleats can either go fabulously or horribly, there is no middle ground. None. So be patient, you will find the perfect pleated skirt, and I'm here to help you find it.

Ann Taylor, Accordion Pleated Skirt, $74
A beautiful clean colorblock with a high low hem. Just stunning.

Pleats aren't just for the office. This skirt is ready for dancing.

Revolve Clothing, Obey Saint Laurent Maxi Skirt, $60
How about some maxi pleats? The gorgeous pop of orange breaks up the length.

Modcloth, School Day After Day, $37
Adorable? Yes. Add a navy blazer? Absolutely.

So you see pleats aren't just for prep school anymore. They're mini, maxi, work and play!

Be fabulous today!

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