Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last Call

It's mid-August, which means it's the last few weeks of summer. I know, major bummer, but it also means time for some amazing deals. And today it's sandals.

Piperlime, Gomax Calantha 01, $29
Boom. Sexy, sleek, and an eye turner.

I love this glam yet bad ass sandal. It's great with shorts, a dress or jeans.

Anthropologie, Sailor Wedges, $49
Originally $178, now under $50. These are SO adorable. Also in a red stripe.

Nine West, Cove, $29
A little space agey, no? For me, summertime is about a tshirt and shorts, this adds a bit of interest.

Go find the sales! They're everywhere. Get the sandals while you can. Find something you will love wearing right now and again when you pull them out in 9 months.

Be fabulous today!

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