Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Round Em Up

The lariat style is a bit of a throw back. It's an interesting necklace style that makes you stand out rather than just a long strand necklace. You can find them with jewels, bling, or just plain metal. So let's get a little retro and take a look at these lassos.

I started with this necklace because it is so delicate and simple. Clean lines and nothing too busy.

This necklace is adorable, a storm cloud and lightning bolt. Come on.

A great key emblem with Swarovski crystal accents make this dressy but not blingy.

I saved my favorite for last. An astronaut, alien, and flying saucer. LOVE THIS.

The lariat style came from the cowboys, it's a style of lasso. Now it's a great way to mix up your standard strand.

Be fabulous today!

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