Thursday, August 15, 2013

Final Bleaching

Just like yesterday when we looked at sale sandals, now is also the time to capitalize on some white pieces. Today let's scoop up some white dresses!

A modified Marylin if you will. Sexy and cute, especially with some drop earrings.

Modcloth, Bakery Beauty Dress, $63
Half off right now and 100% cotton. It's the perfect summer day dress.

Just a lovely scallop detail on this sassy little sundress.

Ok, forgive me, it's not ALL white, but it's just too sweet to pass up. A mod drop waist style and the pink underlay is the perfect combination for this mini.

White dresses are a staple for warm weather, so why not enjoy them a bit longer and grab some that are on sale right now!?

Be fabulous today!

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