Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chi-don't you know?

One of my favorite styles of pant is the chino. It's clean and simple, easy to care for and you can wear it with anything. Let's look at some good standards to add to your wardrobe.

Lands End Canvas, True Slim Chino, $59
You really can't beat the price with such a vibrant color. 

Loft, Girlfriend Chino, $59
A gf chino? It's got the relaxed leg but more fitted through the hip. 

J Crew, Waverly Chino, $79
A good standard from J Crew, they do the chino very well.

These come in a rainbow of colors but I'm loving the oxblood.

Machine washable, plenty of colors, and plenty of styles. The chino is a great investment piece that won't break the bank.

Be fabulous today!

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