Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Collarbone Classy

What's easier for summer than a dress? It is absolutely dress season and if you want want to color outside the lines a bit, I'd suggest a halter dress. The halter is very unexpected in this sometimes repetitive sundress season. So show off that collarbone, try a halter.

Banana Republic, Yellow Halter Dress, $79
I wanted to start with this dress because it is so beautiful on its own, but it can also be the perfect canvas for baubles, belt, or bag.

The pleating on this dress is just beautiful, I love the mix of yellow with forest green.

Simple and easy for a warm summer night, I'd add some chunk heeled sandals to this. Oh and did I mention its machine washable?

Yes, this is a bit more than I'd like to spend on one dress, but the versatility of this piece is worth it. Wedding guest ready, add a blazer for work, throw a crewneck sweater on top and wear it as a skirt this fall.

A halter dress is a beautiful neckline for sundress season. 

Be fabulous today!

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