Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Orange You Glad

Fun fact: I hate Halloween. It is a feeling instilled to me by my mother. I just hate spending money on an outfit you wear once. I'm not really a candy person, so overall, it's not my holiday. But today we're going to look at a way to mix in some orange and black in a non-Halloween way.

How about this stunning pleated color block skirt? It is so fall!

A beautiful bright orange. I love the solid waist and cuff, adds some definition to this busy sweater.

Modcloth, Foliage Tour Dress, $55
A vertical chevron, how unique. I'd add a skinny belt to this and call it a day. Maybe even the snake necklace from yesterday.

Nine West, Love Fury, $89
Candy corn chic, no? What a great platform.

Happy Halloween to all of you who enjoy candy, dressing up and running around in the cold. I will be drinking some red wine on my couch in  my sweats.

Be fabulous today! 

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  1. I cannot relate to the no-halloween since I love candy and costumes, but I also love that skirt!


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