Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Different

This blog is about fashion for under $100, but it's also about being fabulous . Today we're going to talk a little bit about the latter.

This weekend I did the big winter-summer closet clothing switchover and I did the usual trying on of the pants to see what fit and what could be donated. Let me tell you something. The majority of them didn't fit. Yep, it just got real. You know what that does to a girl's emotional stability? A whole lot, and none of it is good. 

The sucking in, the pulling of the fabric, the laying flat on the bed to button it closed, you know the drill. And so once this painful process ended, I sat down on the floor of my closet, emotionally, and fashionably defeated. 

So often on this blog we talk about making outfits and trends work for different occasions and adding pieces to your closet to enhance your wardrobe. You know what we don't talk about enough? How to dress your body. What size are you? Honestly. I'm not talking on a good day when you've only eaten cereal and a granola bar. I mean what size are you after a week of work, happy hours, and maybe not that many trips to the gym? Is it a 6? A large? A 14? 

When I was sitting on the closet floor, I thought for a moment. I just put six pairs of pants in the donate pile because they didn't fit. I probably need to go up a size for the majority of my pants. You know what? Who cares. I'm serious. 
It's a fucking number. 

You know what can't be measured? The feeling you get when a complete stranger tells you they love your outfit. The confidence you feel when you walk into a meeting with a fantastic blazer. The strut you get when you walk into a date with a sassy dress that accentuates every curve. These things don't have a size. 

I think we all, especially me recently, need to focus on being healthy. Feeling good. And dressing the body you have, not the body you want. Buy the pair of pants that fit. 

You're fabulous. Honestly. Be fabulous today. 


  1. THIS THIS THIS! I am so glad you made this post, lady!

  2. LOVE this! I've gone through this many times..with clothes that are too big/too small. But what matters is how you feel. And even've probably donating some really cute clothes to someone in need.

  3. I love this! It was something I struggled with this weekend, too. between transitioning wardrobes and seeing some pictures I was planning on using for an outfit post, I felt defeated so this was a perfectly-timed reminder.

  4. Great post Kelsey! Great reminder that beauty comes in all sizes. Feeling good about yourself and appearance is what we should all be striving for - not to be a size 0.

  5. Awesome post, more young women need to be PREACHING this!! xo

  6. Absolutely! I find myself getting caught up in making sure I stay one size and that my weight is always under a certain number, and I was in need of this when I pulled out my jeans recently and found out some were a little snug!

  7. And take your stuff to a consignment store so it can make someone else happy! Well said!

  8. LOVE this post. So true - and the ENTIRE point to my blog!!!! :) You go girl.


  9. Oh my goodness you hit it on the head. I lovelovelove this post, thank you for sharing!! I don't weigh myself or pay attention to size numbers anymore, I know when I feel good and I know when not so much, and that's enough!

  10. love this post. thanks for the reality check :)

  11. Absolutley! If thepants fit, no matter what number they say, you can rock them!


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