Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Anorak

Cooler weather means an extra layer, an outer layer. It's not time for the winter coat but you definitely want something extra. A great option is the anorak. It comes in a variety of styles and colors and it's a great throw on and go casual coat.

Old Navy, Women's Hooded Anorak, $49
This is a great option under $50, and it comes in four other colors.

I'm not entirely certain what's going on underneath this coat, some sort of camo jumpsuit I believe? That aside. Michael Kors makes a great longer length anorak, great for work. 

This inner drawstring is great to create a waist and the plum color is perfect for fall.

Nordstrom, Megan Hooded Anorak, $88
The olive tone gives this coat a great army look. A great one for the weekend.

What kind of coat do you layer on for this cooler weather? Quilted, trench or maybe an anorak?

Be fabulous today!

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