Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ribbon Belts

They're making a come back.  I know, I know, they can seem a little juvenile but trust me, they're SO versatile!  And when the Wall Street Journal talks about fashion, we should listen.

As the uber-preppy J McLaughlin says:  "It's for the fashion-secure person with a sense of humor."

Vineyard Vines, Palm beach plaid d-ring belt, $29
Ah, vineyard vines, the prepsters heaven.  If you want to rock this look- best to go to the pros.  

Etsy (Tracey Belt), reversible vintage belt, $16
I'm loving the new take on what's usually a classic d-ring style.  And reversible is always a win.

I love this pattern! So elegant, and it the color combination is cheerful.

Lilly Pulitzer, Callie Belt, $48
I really like the beachy feel of this belt.  Would be a great addition to a cotton slub dress.

So what do you think?  It is definitely a preppy type of style but I think it can be styled in many different ways.  It's a nice substitute to the plain leather belt for the summer.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Love the last belt and I am not even a huge LP fan! But I am really liking it!!! Although, I wont be rocking any belts any time soon!!!

  2. The last one is definitely on my list! I can't believe these are making a comeback!


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