Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Belt Question

Sometimes belting goes beyond its usual holding-up-the-pants purpose.  Recently they've been used to define a waistline or breakup a pattern.  What gets confusing is what size, shape and color to use when it's not going through a belt loop.

My general rules are:
-skinny belt for over a cardigan
-thicker belt for shirt dress
-skinny belt for more dressy outfits
-metallic goes with everything

I'm pairing this with a fuchsia cardi.  Example

So chic and girl-powery.  I'd wear this with shirt dress over top of the tie.

White House Black Market, patent skinny belt, $38
I love a skinny belt with a sweet detail like this.  I'd pair it with a crisp white dress.

Old Navy, Braided metallic belt, $12.50
I LOVE this belt! I'm thinking of pairing it over a jean jacket like this one.

The short answer is there is no wrong answer to pairing belts with outfits.  Try to keep your proportions flattering by trying the belt higher on the torso or lower around your hips.

Be fabulous today! 

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  1. I would agree with those rules, whole heartedly. I skinny belt of cardis most days. Love them!


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