Thursday, May 12, 2011

Graduation Gifts

I know you know someone, love someone or are thinking about someone who is graduating soon.  For me it's my fabulous sister, Sara, who is graduating from University of Pennsylvania this weekend.  Now I'm not going to tell you what I got her- because, she's a good sister, and she reads the blog!  (Thanks sis) Instead I wanted to feature some great ideas for your graduating friend/sister/neighbor/etc.

Fred Flare, forget me knot ring, $58
I love this ring.  It also comes in silver.  It's so simple and elegant; pair this with a nice card stating what you don't want her to forget.  For my sister it would be her unique sense of caring for everyone around her.

Nordstrom, Nine West Rocha, $79
What about buying her her very first career pumps?  Traditional and classic.  She'll always think of you when she puts them on before her 9-5.

Dogeared, Go! Make a wish, $26
This is a great option for maybe your roommate or neighbor. It has a great note on it and it's really simple and inspirational.

Etsy (Poppy Papers), Pink peony personalized flat note, $16.50
For the girl who still believes in the power of the handwritten note, personalized stationary is a fantastic gift that she would use for years to come.

What other ideas do you have? Jewelry is always a great option, but there are so many choices! When picking a gift, really think about the wonderful parts of the graduate: her drive, her confidence, her honesty, make sure those aspects come out in the gift.

Congrats grads!

Be fabulous today!

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