Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If you were looking for a creative post title, I'm sorry, but that's what I came up with today.

Bright colors are easy to wear when the weather is warm.  Today let's look at some great pieces in lime!

I really like the relaxed look of this scoop neck tee and the cap sleeve is adorable.  

Fossil, enamel summer stack, $45
An adorable alternative if the Kate Spade idiom bracelet isn't your taste.

I really like the mini-wedge heel on this sandal, makes it dressier.

Banana Republic, Lightweight wrap, $55
This is perfect for a long day adventure that goes into the evening.  It matches everything.

How sweet is this top? Sometimes you don't need structure and darting, just soft and silky.

How do you like lime? I think yellow and lemon are a much more common color trend, but try throwing this in the mix!

Be fabulous today


  1. I love lime! [and your title :)] I really want that scarf! And that last top is awesome!

  2. I haven't seen lime green done well since middle school... but I love that last shirt. It's perfect for summer :)

  3. JCrew has the cutest lime 5" chinos. They are the perfect POP in an outfit!


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