Monday, May 2, 2011

Belted and Beautiful

Hey there lovebugs,
How was your weekend? I got outside a little bit and and checked out the new CB2 that opened in Georgetown and then tackled my closet on Sunday.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the waistline.  No, I'm not going to scold you on your food choices this weekend (I chose chili cheese fries and beef brisket); I'm talking about a great embellished waistline on a dress. It can really add the perfect amount of detail to an outfit.

Newport News, Grace rose print tank dress, $94
I'm obsessed with this beauty.  The flat pleats with the matching belt is truly feminine and vintage looking.

Modcloth, Simply Put Dress, $47
Just like the name of this dress: simple.  A soft silk bow- its just classic.

This thin silk belt is understated and casual.  Perfect for this shirtdress.

Talbots, Twist Sash dress, $97
This waist detail is almost origami-like.  Perfect piece for day or night.

Waist embellishments come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Remember to balance the accessories with the size and detail of the waist of the dress.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Dress 1 and 3 are begging me to buy them! lol No, but seriously, now I want to do some online shopping!! ;)

  2. Love me a belted dress! I cant wait to wear one again!!!


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