Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gold Watch

Yep, nothing cute or creative from that title, but that's just what I wanted.  Gold watch.  A simple, clean, and weighted sentence and piece of jewelry that is truly timeless. Ok that was a little funny. Watch, timeless, ok fine, I laughed.

I bought myself a Michael Kors watch two months ago and while I was skeptical of the large face at first, now I won't take it off.  It goes with everything!  While you can splurge like I did and go for the $200 version.  Here are some picks for under $100.

American Apparel, Vintage Seiko Watch, $100
Simple, elegant, and vintage.

Urban Outfitters, wraparound watch, $38
This is so interesting.  Usually a wraparound is only seen with a leather band.  Love this!

Timex, easy reader watch, $29
I love this watch- its very old school in a journalist or editor sort of way.

A little more casual with the gold ceramic band but perfect for everyday wear.

So are you feeling the gold? I think it is very ladylike and professional.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Love big gold watches!!! Great choice with the MK watch!!!

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  4. Those are so cool! My dad would LOVE one :) Thank you for sharing!!

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  5. What beautiful time pieces! A great gift for my dad!! I'll have to look into it more for Father's Day! Arthur Redden


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