Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going to the Ballet

Right now I'm loving ballet flats.  They're easy to wear, you can run around, and they look classic.  Whether you prefer a citrus hue or a printed pattern.  They're a great go to shoe for day or night.

J Crew Factory, pom pom metallic ballet flat, $69
This goes with a sun dress, cropped black slacks, or bf jeans.  You name it.

I would use these as my going out flats.  When you know its going to be a long Friday night but you still want a little bling.

Kelsi Dagger, Inna Ballet Flat, $52
I love a good yellow show because it goes with black, brown or blue.

Ah! Love me some bright bow flats! 

They may not be the sexiest shoes on the block, but ballet flats are reliable and come in every kind of style. So try a pair instead of sneakers this summer!

Be fabulous today!


  1. Love the yellow pair! I've beens searching for a good mustard color and those are so cute!

  2. Coming over from Sweetie Pie Style. I love those yellow flats!

  3. I love flats :) I like all of these but I am always partial to yellow :)!


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