Monday, September 30, 2013

You Don't D'Orsay?

The D'Orsay flat has been all the rage lately, and why not? They're chic, comfortable and affordable. But what's in a name? D’Orsay shoes, in which the side or "vamp" of the shoe is cut very close to the sole, were named after Count Alfred d’Orsay; a 19th Century "dandy", artist and friend of Lord Byron. The shoes were worn by men at the time, and the cut-out sides were introduced to accommodate wider feet. [source

I'm going to skip the D'Orsay flat discussion, because, let's be honest, it's been done. Let's look at where we originally saw the style: the D'Orsay pump.

Forever 21, City Chic D'Orsay Pumps, $36
Well hello vamp! That is one gorgeous, affordable shoe.

Urban Outfitters, Cooperative D'Orsay Canvas Heel, $49
How hippy-adorbs are these? Paired with a cord mini and some tights. These also come in black, red, and gray.

Black and blue are a hot combo this fall and winter. These beauties will look great with some black skinny jeans.

A little vintage looking, no? A little Gatsby. You get it J. Simp.

The D'Orsay style is more than 200 years old and I for one love a little history with my fashion. Try a D'Orsay pump or flat this season!

Be fabulous today!

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