Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't Spike It!

So I'm a girly girl. I keep a white ribbon in my purse at all times. I have trouble with the edgier trends like leather and spikes. Today I'm going to try to soften the bad ass-ness of the spike and try something a bit softer: the cone. I love the geometrical style of this look and it's great for any arm party.

Club Monaco, Double Pave Bracelet, $59
See what I mean? Gorgeous, noticeable, easy.

Madewell, Bluestone Cuff, $22
How about a cone gem? A lovely addition to a metallic arm party.

This is something that's a bit different because of the box chain. I like it and it's on sale.

And one more burst of color here. These translucent baubles are great to layer.

If you're not ready for spike, you might try cones. They're a bit architectural versus rocker.
Not that there is anything wrong with rockers. Go girls.

Be fabulous today!

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