Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Would You Like a Bag with That?

You and I both know that Philip Lim is doing Target. September 15. Huge deal. Huge, huge deal. I have already enlisted my mother in suburban Pennsylvania to go stake out her local Target. But today we're going to look at non-Philip Lim Target bags, because they're killing it.

This is such a beautiful work bag. Double handle, space for files, lots of pockets it zippers closed. 

I don't always love bucket bags, I think they look messy. But this one has some structure to it. A great lush color as well.

Saddle bags are huge for fall but if you're like me, you can't afford the Coach version. This deep red will do just fine.

How about a rich navy bag? Oh I love this. The hardware is great and the foldover is a great detail.

Target is doing a fabulous job finding great pieces that look rich to fit into your lifestyle. I love these bags but I will also be hunting down some Philip Lim's this month!!

Be fabulous today!

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