Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's a Cluster-Stud

In the past we've looked at cluster rings. I love them because they're fun, blingy, and always colorful. Today let's bring the attention up towards the face. Cluster earrings.

Gorgeous is an understatement here. It's kind of an artsy Gatsby look.

Not that you're surprised. Kate nails this. Perfect for jeans, or an lbd.

Tinley Road, Faceted Cluster Earring, $24
These have quite the industrial look to them but so glamorous.

Tinley Road, Cabochon Cluster Studs, $18
Can't be the price of these beauties. Perfect to bring out any eye color.

An interesting stud earring is always something to admire. Add a cluster earring to your wardrobe this fall and pair it for work or play.

Be fabulous today!

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