Thursday, September 19, 2013

Play Ball!

Hey there lovebugs,
I'm a big football girl but this last year while going through football withdrawals I became a big Nationals fan. Baseball. And no, I won't bore you with a speech about America's game, but I will take the inspiration and tell you about baseball tees. They're a great 3/4 length or long sleeve option for fall and they don't have to be sporty. In fact, they can be striped.

This great scoop neck tee is comfortable and affordable.

This tee is so casual chic. Gap, baseball, red white and blue, it's classic.

Ella Moss, Sam Stripe Baseball Tee, $45
This thicker stripe has almost a rugby feel to it. I like it. Also for some reason, this was originally $98, so score.

Forever 21, Striped Baseball Tee, $9
Instead of the usual bleach white, this cream background has a more worn feel to it.

You don't have to love baseball to be a fan of the shirt. It's a great, casual option for weekends or in a more casual office, throw on a blazer.

Be fabulous today!

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