Monday, September 9, 2013

Reader Request: Music Festival

Hey there lovebugs,
Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today's post is for a reader who is going to the Virgin Free Fest next weekend and needs some outfit help. While we can't control the weather let's hope for mid 70s and sunny.

Ok let me break this down. Jeans, obviously. A slight roll will keep the hems from dragging in unspeakable things. Speaking of stepping in unspeakable things, these shoes are $17 from Target. They're chic but you're not going to be upset if you spill on them. Working our way up. I love this top. It's got leather sleeves and a fabulous print, perfect for 'I'm not trying to hard but I also look amazing.' And accessories. These earrings are rocker but they also pick up the chevron shapes in the top. Finally the crossbody bag. It may look small but let's be honest, you don't want to be lugging a tote on your shoulder. Pack your essentials and have both hands free.

Be fabulous today!

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