Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tangy Citrus

Alright lovebugs, let's spice up this humpday. Today's color is nectarine. Bright, fruity, sassy, this is a great color to break up the winter blues.

Talk about a night out bag. This is just the perfect pop of color to that LBD.

Ponte is a great fabric for a dress because it's got a bit of weight to it which helps when you don't want to show every little curve. Now why Target forgot to iron this dress? That I do not know.

Gap, Modern Boot Cut, $35
I would rock these pants. And if you buy them, you better work. Because if you're rocking orange pants and not strutting, you're going to look like a sad carrot. True fact.

Neiman Marcus, Lauren Hansen Cashmere Sweater, $75
This cashmere, oversized sweater will be SO cozy. I wouldn't even bother with too many accessories, just let it be.

Nectarine is a fabulous color. It's peppy and smart looking. Try it in lush textures like wool and cashmere now and later in silk and cotton.

Be fabulous today!

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