Thursday, July 11, 2013

Double Duty

I like a good deal. As you may know, this blog only features items under $100. Today we're looking at items that reversible belts that are under $50, or, if you want, $25 per side.

Nordstrom, Tarnish Reversible Belt, $32
Look how happy this waist is. The other side is solid red. This belt also comes in black, turquoise, and gray.

Ralph Lauren, Croc & Patent Belt, $42
Simple and chic. White patent on one side and navy croc on the other.

Neon! And a standard brown on the other side. This belt also comes in neon pink.

Club Monaco, Casey Belt, $45
A great embossed snakeskin on one side and a simple bone color on the other.

Why not make your accessories work for you? Under $50 and exceeding your expectations.

Be fabulous today!

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