Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teed Off

Last week we looked at t shirt dresses. They're awesome and easy, but you know what's even easier? T shirts. But we already knew that, so lets spice it up a bit and look at graphic tees under $30.

Express, Chic Wild and Free, $19
I picture Kate Bosworth or Jennifer Anniston going grocery shopping wearing this. There's something beautifully effortless about it.

Old Navy, Barbie Graphic Tee, $14
You know I had to do it. 

Modcloth, Soul Mane Tee, $29
There is something so adorable hysterical about this.

This is perfect for the weekend. I'd pair it with bf jeans and bejeweled flat sandals.

A simple graphic tee is a great way to get out of the house quickly. Throw it on with white jeans, linen shorts or anything else you can think of.

Be fabulous today!

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