Monday, May 20, 2013

Fancy Pony!

Happy Monday lovebugs,
I'm in New Orleans working for a few days. And don't be jealous, I doubt I will see the light of day, but I will be running around while trying to look fabulous in my company logoed polo. Oh yes. The easiest way to look chic while not breaking a sweat is a ponytail. And today we're looking at some blingy hair ties that make any ponytail look amazing.

Anthropologie, Crystalline Hair Ties, $24
Now, don't worry, I bet you're all 'woah girl, $24 for a ponytail? ain't nobody got time for that.' But it's a set of THREE so you get all of those adorable ties for $24.

Nordstrom, Cara Pearly Polka Dot Bow, $14
Hello adorable, look at those pearls!

Simple and chic. I'd use this with a deep side part and slicked back pony.

Wear them together or one at a time. Great little bit of bling.

How do you style your pony? I always keep a white ribbon in my purse in case of an emergency pony. Man I wish I had an emergency pony. Or horse, I'm not picky.

Be fabulous today!

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