Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sew Much Detail

Happy almost Friday guys!

Details really make me excited about clothing, usually because it means quality. That extra time was taken to make a piece extra special. Today, that detail is embroidery. Very simple, but very noticeable.

This top is truly something special. It has a gorgeous pattern and the colors just pop.

Ann Taylor, Embroidered Bubble Hem Top, $48
I love a good bubble hem because it looks a little more put together. This top also comes in blue.

Forever 21, Embroidered Daisy Top, $19
I chose this top because it goes along with the mod trend that we'll be seeing this season.

I can't think of an outfit you couldn't wear this with. Pair it with orange linen shorts, a gray suit, you name it.

Embroidery comes with all kinds of price points, so find a pattern that you love, and I promise you will find something in your budget. Thrift stores and secondhand shops are also a gold mine for this stuff.

Be fabulous today!

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