Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Swing Dance

There are all kinds of skirts out there: pencil skirt, mini skirt, paneled skirt, the list goes on and on. One skirt trend that I'm loving right now is the swing skirt. It looks just like it sounds. Fun, flirty, and all sorts flip.

Dillard's, ING Neon Swing Skirt, $29
Can you please pass my shades? Woo! Check out this color! Hello, hello!

This is a little biker-chic isn't it? Pair this with some killer heels.

This is work-ready, I'd love to pair this with my yellow suede pumps.

Dorothy Perkins, Grey Paneled Skirt, $39
A great mini-pattern that almost acts like a neutral.

Swing skirts are a great way to mix in some fun to your 9-5 wardrobe or for a date night. For work though, please do the bend down test in the dressing room, as for your date outfit, I don't judge.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Fashion under $100? Yes please!

    And as a fellow DC blogger... LA ain't so great. I think we're all pretty pretty. :)


  2. LOVE all these skirts but gotta disagree - takes more than a bend test to be work appropriate! And all of those are ways too short for any of my DC client meetings or sessions. I will take one of each for happy hours though ;)


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