Monday, February 4, 2013

I Heart Hearts

Hey there lovebugs,
How was your weekend? I saw some great friends and spent some quality time with my main man, Norman.

As February gets underway, I'm hearting hearts. Please be advised I despise the word heart as a verb. However, for the sake of fantastic blogging, let's look at some hearts!

Forever 21, Sequined Hearts Pullover, $23
I love this casual top. It's perfect for a lazy day or a casual outfit.

How about the perfect V-Day dress for under $40?

How amazing is this graffiti print? It reminds me of my notebook in middle school.

The fact the this dress has the word 'flippy' in it makes me just want to put it on and twirl around in it. 

So do you heart these hearts? I think these little numbers are perfect for V-Day or any day for that matter!

Be fabulous today!


  1. Oh, I dig a good heart cut-out in the back of a dress.

  2. I want all of them!!!! Hearts everyday is good with me.


Hey lovebug! Thank you so much for you comment. I just loved spending time with you and I hope you come back again soon! TCB.