Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not Catwoman

Today we're departing from my usual prepster and trying something a little dangerous. Leather. Now I know it's July, but stay with me. There is leather out there for warm weather that is super sexy and wearable off the runway.

H&M, Leathertop, $99
Now this fabulous peplum top is sold out in the US for now, but I'm keeping my eye on eBay.

Free People, Rocker Vegan Shorts, $98
Hello short shorts! I'd pair this with a super soft and sheer sleeveless blouse.

I like this shift because it has a cotton lining, which makes it actually wearable. 

American Apparel, Vintage Leather Skirt, $30
A highwaisted mini pencil. I love the color selection for these!

Have a scared you away? I'm not saying go all catwoman, but add one piece at a time, try it out. Get a little sassy with it.

Be fabulous today!

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