Thursday, July 19, 2012

Collar Me Fancy

Happy almost Friday guys! We're so close!

Today I wanted to look at a great trend that isn't out of reach for us 9-5ers. The collar necklace. Now, there are a few definitions for this piece. Some define it as a tighter necklace, but I'm talking about a literal collar. Add it to a tee, a crew neck, anything for a little bit extra.

A little edgy but the metal work around the edges adds a feminine flair to this piece,

Hive and Honey, Hinged Collar Necklace, $30
Simple, chic, add it to an LBD and instant drama.

You can never go wrong with some preppy pearls.

This is quite the statement, if it wasn't for the slight scallop edge it would be biker-chic.

Forever 21, Sequined Collar Necklace, $10
For ten bucks, this shiny number is worth a shot!

Have you tried the collar necklace trend? It's a girly twist on any shirt or dress!

Be fabulous today!

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  1. would you believe I don't have one of these...yet! ;) I do want one though.


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