Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Howdy Ombre

The ombre trend has hit every bit of our lives this year; from the ombre pillow to the ombre nail, it's a staple. Let's look at some great ombre trends under $100.

I really like the casualness of this dress, it's almost got a chambray feel to it.

Ok my brave ones, my girls who have been working it at the gym all summer, wear these loud and proud.

Nordstrom, Rio Carnival Kite Scarf, $38
The tassels on this scarf really make it. Just gorgeous and fun.

There is nothing skater about this skirt, if anything it's ballerina.

What type of ombre have you tried? I love the ombre nail look but man does it look complicated! I think I'll stick to fashion.

Be fabulous today!


  1. OMG. LOVE the topshop skirt!

    glad you're back from your vacation, hope you had a wonderful time dear!

  2. These are such great finds! I think ombre hair is still my fave :)


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