Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post: So Much to Smile About

Hi Capital readers! Liz here from So Much to Smile About. I’m so happy to be helping Kelsey out with a guest post today, and am super excited that she was wondering what is in my beach bag! I love summer and heading to the beach whenever possible (and you’ll find me at the pool when it’s not), so this was the perfect post for me. 

In addition to a cool drink and some good reading material, the most important things I pack are the swimsuit, towel and sunglasses (of course). My favorite swimsuit these days is this one from Old Navy – I wear it all the time. Also, I recently found this beach towel from Bloomingdales and need to make it mine. It’s a reprint from a Conde Nast magazine (and it’s on sale)! And my go-to sunglasses will always be Ray-Bans, either these aviators or the classic wayfarers. Finally, you can’t forget some sunblock (this Clinique City Block is perfect for my face), a fun hat, these sandals and some Bumble and Bumble surf spray to keep my hair looking beach-y perfect. When I’m all situated, I just put in my headphones and listen to some tunes (you can find my summer playlist here). Now, get me to the beach!

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