Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Get Specific

It's almost Friday and thank goodness. Today I wanted to get really specific with a style of dress- the colorblock with pleats. It's sleek, colorful and sophisticated.

One of my favorite color combinations, and I especially like this dress because I can wear a bra and still be cool.

Lord and Taylor, DKNYC Sleeveless pleated dress, $95
Very professional and and easy to dress up for an evening event. 

Great colors on this maxi, I would add a longer necklace and some bright nails.

These sleeves are fabulous, and the dress is perfect for a date or dinner with a client.

What do you think about pleats? I like them when its the correct size and fit. You need to make sure the pleat elongates the waist and does not attract attention as it might if it's too tight.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I'm dying over that ASOS dress. so cute.

  2. Love that Asos dress, but they can be such a hit or miss for me. Tempted to order it and hope for the best...!


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