Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Hip to be Square

You always see a v-neck or a scoop neck, what about a square neck? It offers a unique way to show off a great neckline.

My favorite color in a soft and delicate blouse.

Anyone else think this model looks like she's about to sneeze? Yeah ok, in other news, this great deep red it gorgeous with this peplum.

Target, Crochet square top, $15
Sometimes you just need a beat around tank to sweat in when you're out and about this summer. This is it.

Great colors, great print and perfect for some black strappy heels.

How do style square neck? It's a great one to mix in to your other boatneck, scoop and v-neck tops this summer.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I actually really like a square neckline. I have a sleeveless black shirt with one I often wear under suits just to give it a little different of a look for work.

  2. I love square necklines. The purple blouse is fabulous! From having my cancer treatment - I have a scar lower on my chest and these type of blouses help cover it while looking stylish!

  3. I am sadly incapable of pulling off the square neckline, but I love the look!


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