Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sometimes a shirt just hangs there. It doesn't seem to hug the right places or understand that it needs to not look like a sack. Then there is the belted top; the perfect solution to all of these problems.

Target, Belted Raglan Top, $19
I really love this color, it would look great with jeans. The neckline is has a great simple gather to it that draws just enough attention. 

Usually this style has a belt that is the same color and material, but this is something special. A double wrap rope belt.

I love that this is shown with shorts, because button downs can be playful for summer too. I would add a bright orange bauble necklace. 

JC Penny, Bisou Bisou Belted Top, $25
Look at this great crochet detail on the hem and the shoulders. So beautiful.

Belting has been big this winter and fall, and there is no reason you can't continue it into the warmer months.

Be fabulous today!

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