Thursday, March 15, 2012

Khaki- Don't Run!

Stay with me guys, khaki isn't always bad! For the men, avoid pleats, for ladies, avoid bell bottoms, but when you take the color khaki, you have so many more options!

Last Call Neiman Marcus, Long Chiffon Trim Cardigan, $79
The ivory trim with the khaki is stunning. 

Modcloth, You Tan Do It, $57
Oooo how sweet is this? The hem line, the sleeves, the pattern! 

Gap, Military Jacket, $98
This is such a great Spring jacket, blousy and easy to throw on for the weekend.

Banana Republic, Allover Lace Shell, $45
Beautiful details, light and airy, perfect for layering.

See? Was that so painful? Embrace the khaki. It matches with everything and it comes in so many shades: tan, nude, you name it. 

Be fabulous today!


  1. I LOVE that jacket! and you're right, it's not a color to be feared, but it does have a bad rap on the bottom half as it is in most uniforms! ;)

  2. The BR shell would be so versatile - it may be neutral, but it's definitely still interestig because of texture.



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