Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brass Jewelry

Hey lovebugs,
Most of you know I usually wear gold jewelry but lately, I'm feeling a different metal: brass. It's a little vintage, a little boho chic, and always a good option.

How much fun is this pendant? I love it's funky, cool quality.

Max and Chloe, Chibi Brass Arrow Bracelet, $50
This bracelet is perfect for stacking. It is light and slim, great for an arm party.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Bing Bang Ornate Hoop Earrings, $89
Certainly not your average hoop earrings, these have a great architectural quality.

Revolve Clothing, Giles and Brother Spike Ring, $63
A little badass don't you think?

Brass is such a great metal for any casual outfit, it has a great 'not trying too hard' look about it.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I LOVE brass jewelry! I have a ton of it and just love the look :)

  2. Or badBRASS if you will!

  3. Ooh such fun finds! I have a brass locket that I LOVE.


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