Monday, June 27, 2011


Going tribal is so easy to do in the summertime because its a big bold print with lots of colors.  Picking out what works for you is the difficult part.  I'm preppy, someone else might be boho, and another may be rocker; tribal patterns are about making the color and feel work into your style.

I'm not much for this store, but the colors in this tunic plus the beading are perfect.

This is what I picture as tribal prep.  Great scoop neck and bright print.

Forever 21, Tribal halter one piece, $20
Well you certainly can't beat the price.  And the deep-v is to die for.

These colors are like summer sunset.  I'm also loving this top under a blazer.

Try out a tribal inspired print that fits into your style.  Mix the colors up and surprise yourself!

Be fabulous today!


  1. I am loving all the tribal! thanks for sharing. XO

  2. I love tribal stuff - it feels very summery. And then I feel at one with the earth (or something like that). I my have also just purchased a feather clip for my hair - see, very Native American of me.


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